In order to successfully minister to the “total individual”, Straight Street offers a variety of programs and activities to fulfill its mission and purpose.  A program staffed by born-again Christians and that assures parents that their children are in the best of care.

A fun, exciting, and safe place where youth can hang out with their friends.  Bible classes where youth will be discipled and challenged to be strong in their faith.  Job mentoring and tutoring which covers a wide range of subjects and skills.  Family enrichment programs and retreats to help parents and their youth heal broken or stressed relationships.

Community service projects that equip youth to look beyond their own needs and to the needs of others.  Lifeskills training to help youth build confidence and enhance their leadership potential. Individual and group counseling by licensed counselors, to ensure that youth emotional and psychological conflicts are not carried into adulthood.

Straight Street also develops partnerships with other organizations in order to effectively serve area youth and build relationships with those organizations to efficiently serve the community.