Our Mission

The mission and purpose of Straight Street is to provide a positive Christian environment where at-risk* youth can go and obtain the necessary skills and training needed to mature and to discover God’s Divine plan for their lives.
The staff and volunteers at Straight Street minister to the total individual:

Physically – By providing opportunities for entertainment, exercise, and service.

Emotionally – By offering a safe place to meet and develop healthy relationships, and find help for unhealthy ones.

Intellectually – By assisting youth with supplemental educational resources, and encouraging them to take full advantage of educational and employment opportunities.

Spiritually – By demonstrating Godly principles for living fulfilled lives, and by leading youth to meet and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and friend.

*For our purposes at Straight Street, an “at-risk” youth is a young person who is behaving in such a way that if a caring adult or peer does not step into their life with help, they stand a good chance of hurting themselves or others.